Hi! I'm Eliot
B2B Software Engineer by day,
Game Developer by night.

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My Indie Studio: KiteLion Games
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My Latest & Greatest



In-House Software Engineering
C#, .Net, Winforms, SQL, Infragistics, Full stack

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Built SQL-JSON ETL+Logger w/ Python
Read-able 100% pythonic futureproofed code, portable python libraries

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BPS - Bell Production Software

In-House Software Engineering

Growing & Planning Business App

What I Built
C#, .Net, Winforms, SQL, Full stack

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Sunset Brawlers

Online multiplayer mobile brawler. Features tight movement and 6+ unique characters.

What I Built
- User-customizable touchscreen controls. - Smashbros-like 2D Character Controller. - Net code w/ Photon PUN2.

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Tabletop Card Game (non-videogame)

Realtime Combat, Mystery Roles

What I Did
Concept, Design, Prototyping, Publishing, Producing

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Truck Tracker

A No-Upkeep web app utilizing URI functionality for a 'Google Maps' type app for truckers.

What I Did
Code: Data parsing, serving, storage.



Fossil Explorers

Learn about the Fossil Record and race against friends in this time-based action puzzle edugame.

What I Did
Concept, Design, Gameplay, UI Code, API Interfacing

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Brewing For Science

Learn about Heat as Energy Transfer as you boil coffee down to the kelvin!

What I Did
Team Lead, Concept, Design, Gameplay, UI Code, API Interfacing

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Oliver's Card Game

First microgame for Legends Of Learning's pilot program. Teaches US Jacksonian History with a quick card game.

What I Did
Team Lead, Concept, Gameplay, UI Code, API Interfacing

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The White House Game Jam

By programming Bob the Blob to Lob away his Bomb, players get experience "programming".

What I Did
Concept, Character Controller

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Teaches Trig functions in a clever way in a rogue-like space game.

What I Did
Team Lead, Concept, Gameplay, UI Code, API Interfacing


About Me

I was a young teenager when I found Age of Mythology, a game from the creators of Age of Empires II. When I discovered their Scenario Editor and Map Maker, it was game over. I can make games and people will actually play them?! My future was decided. Before I could code I'd spend my grade school class days daydreaming of cool game ideas. Today, I develop videogames with Unity and have successfully released and published a card game! When I'm not programming, I'm taking care of my home, my family, and my 3 amazing cats, Litten, Skitty, and Chandler Bing.